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09 Feb
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The 5th Fuel - Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has long been the poor relation.

Why is that?   Partly, efficiency is the same as growth, and economic growth has long been the predominant mantra.    Secondly, the low hanging fruit require behaviour change, and for some reason these days that annoys people.  Thirdly.  Insulation is expensive.  Fourthly, the Energy Act 1948, and its implementation on 1 April of that year.... (a springboard for researchers.)

More on the third point.   A business can get an energy audit of their premises.  The headline results might be: 

* change to LED lighting for a 2 year payback, at £1,000 / tonne CO2 saved.*

* solar PV for a 6 year payback, at £5,000 / tonne CO2 saved.

* insulation of solid walls, at £17,000 / tonne CO2 saved.

So, what us a business to do?  The majority of available funds may be committed into the business.   New lights tend towards no-brainer, and solar a maybe SEE INVEST IN GCE FAQ, but insulation?    Too expensive for now.  Only  grants, developing the industry and training workers, and increasing economies of scale can bring that one into view.  They are not under the control of most of us.   

GCE provide a little, local, bit of assistance on the skills issue, by hosting work placements.   The NELC Zero Carbon Road Map identifies skills as an area to develop to support the decarbonisation of our patch.   GCE provide more to our community with our offer to place our next tranche of solar panels on suitable local businesses. LINK.

*Figures are from our local research and our own experience, are for example purposes only. Every project is different.

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