Our Assets
At the e- Factor Enterprise Village, Prince Albert Gardens, Grimsby we have two installations, one of 49kW and one of 29kW.
Stuart Turner of Flixborough Eco Technologies (our installer) talks to Estuary TV about the project.

We have a further 10kW at the e- Factor Business Hive on Dudley Street, Grimsby.
We have at 4kW system on the St Andrew's Hospice charity shop on Freeman Street.    Local channel Estuary TV featured us (6:25 mins in)

We have a 5 kW system on the Rock Foundation charity shop on Freeman Street.

We have remote monitoring systems for all sites, so know exactly how much electricity we are making at all times.

Over their lifetime, the systems will save significant spend on electricity bills for the host organisations, and save hundreds of tonnes of CO2.  
Winners of the Humber Renewable Business Awards - Community Project

The Judges said:
​"There was great input here from a big chunk of the community, working with schools, businesses and volunteers.  The initiative is building on the town of Grimsby's green credentials.  It is commendable what the volunteers and everyone involved in the project have been doing"

Energy Heroes
Energy Heroes is a programme for Year 5 pupils to develop their maths and science skills through an exploration of energy and climate change.    It's a resource to empower the whole school community to save energy and money.

Grimsby Community Energy have delivered this locally for seven schools.  We continue to work with My Green Investment with funding from Northern Powergrid.

On April 4th we went to Canon Peter Hall CofE Primary School in Immingham to help the bright young sparks get their message across in what was a fun and insightful day!