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Energy Summit - video highlights

The Smarter Energy NEL summit drew together expert speakers, interested business people and the organisations who support local businesses. Held at the Parkway Cinema in Cleethorpes, the event saw a record turn-out which may be related to the ever-rising energy prices and concern about climate change. Maybe you can spot yourself or someone you know in the video? We feel that all delegates left…

Northern Powergrid Community Team visit Grimsby

We had the pleasure of meeting the Sustainability Manager, Anda Baumerte, and the Lead Stakeholder Engagement Advisor from Northern Powergrid, Jane Watson. While giving them a tour of the town (and a bit of a history lesson), they were able to meet the SENEL team we are based with at E-Factor and pose under our very own solar panels. Then onto Freeman Street Market with GCE Members and…

The 5th Fuel - Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has long been the poor relation. Why is that?   Partly, efficiency is the same as growth, and economic growth has long been the predominant mantra.    Secondly, the low hanging fruit require behaviour change, and for some reason these days that annoys people.  Thirdly.  Insulation is expensive.  Fourthly, the Energy Act 1948, and its…

State of the Sector

Each year, Community Energy England (CEE) run the State of the Sector survey.   Grimsby Community Energy, and hundreds of similar organisations, submit information on the energy they generate and the projects they deliver.  We benefit from our membership of CEE and the information and networking opportunities they provide. In CEE's own words, the State of the Sector survey aims…

Share Certificates getting stamped and sent to Members

A fun video about the success of our third community share offer - which raised £62,000 for solar panels on the YMCA Humber building in Grimsby.  Our society secretary stamps and sends the certificates to our new Members, and tells a little bit about them.   Names have been changed with due regard for data protection .....but Milly Amp and Meg. A. Watt are real people, honest!

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