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2020 Community Share Offer

We've done it!  

£72,000 now raised to install 98kW solar PV at the new YMCA Humber building on Freeman St., Grimsby.

37 individuals and organisations have invested their money in amounts between £100 and £13,000.  All become Members of our Community Benefit Society and get an equal vote at our meetings.  Over the years, we plan to pay 2.5% interest and their capital back as required.

Our offer received the prestigious Community Shares Standard Mark, and some investment from Co-operatives UK working with the Lottery funded Power to Change.  We know it is reassuring to investors to see the Standard Mark, and to know that institutional investors have put money in too.  Images show details from the share offer document.

Community Share Offers are a unique kind of finance available to organisations like ours.  We are a community benefit society registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (no. 7356.)   

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