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Location North East Lincolnshire

GCE are working with partners to help local business decarbonise and cut their energy bills.   This is part of the Smarter Energy North East Lincolnshire project, funded through North East Lincolnshire Council with the Community Renewal Fund.  This fits neatly into NELC's Zero Carbon Road Map.

For the first time, GCE have paid staff - and we could not be more thrilled to host a Kickstart placement and pass on our enthusiasm and knowledge to a young person.   We are based with the E-Factor team at the Enterprise Village, so actually get to use our own solar electricity from solar panels on the roof when we are working in the office!

We have 8 x £1,000 zero-carbon start up grants to help local organisations begin their journey.  GCE check out the premises, operations and energy use to check that the carbon savings are real, and provide a detailed report.   

Bigger businesses who have good opportunities for solar PV are being signed up, and will feature in our next community share offer.  The typical interested business would be a manufacturer out on the industrial estates, experiencing high energy bills, with a suitable roof, not wanting to invest in solar PV themselves, but happy for GCE to provide the solar panels and sell them discount clean electricity.

To find out more, including how businesses can sign up to the programme, visit the Smarter Energy NEL website.

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