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2022 - New solar projects and share offer

Grimsby Community Energy currently have 200kW solar PV on 6 buildings.  We have operated since 2016 and saved our host sites thousands on their bills and reduced their carbon dioxide emissions.

Our 2022 project is slated to double or triple this.

Working within the Smarter Energy NEL project we are seeking businesses to host our solar panels.  This means a long term lease and power purchase agreement at an agreed rate.   GCE will therefore help the businesses cut their electricity bills and their carbon emissions.

The typical host business would be a manufacturer out on the industrial estates, experiencing high energy bills, with a suitable roof, not wanting to invest in solar PV themselves, but happy for GCE to provide the solar panels and sell them discount clean electricity.  Other businesses with a large electricity bill might be suitable too - for instance hotels and offices.

Funds will be raised through a community share offer - this would be our fourth issue.  As previously, we will seek the Community Shares Standard Mark to assure investors of our high quality.   Many investors will be local people wanting an ethical and decent investment.

To find out more, including how businesses can sign up, visit the Smarter Energy NEL website or call us on 07932 086539.

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